Social misfits

I think I’d like to go off the grid. Ditch my cell phone, my social media, and my computer. Maybe even ditch the TV.

Sometimes I feel like the fact that I can see what everyone else is doing just makes life harder. Knowing everyone’s opinion and having access to the internet super highway sometimes overwhelms me.

What if all I heard was nature, my own thoughts, and the opinions of those who matter most to me? It would be far less noisy and distracted.

I sometimes feel like too much of a good thing is a terrible thing. And my system starts to shut down from too much info, too much talk, too many visuals, or too much news.

What would I hear in the silence? In my own head? In the sound of a storm or in the wind? What would I see when I closed my eyes? What thoughts would come as I hit the pillow or blink my eyes open after sleep? I wonder.

So much of what we are is wrapped up in social media or what we see or hear from the news or TV.

Maybe we’d be less disconnected if we disconnected technology. Maybe we’d be more social if we abandoned social media. And there lies the paradox. Humanity is not connected but thinks it is.

We are drifting. And I’m missing out.


6 thoughts on “Social misfits

  1. Ashley ♥ says:

    LOVE THIS SO MUCH! My husband and I didn’t necessarily go “off the grid” (though he’d do it in a heartbeat) but we bought 30 acres, started a pig farm and had a huge barn and 100+ chickens, ducks, barn cats, and 4 dogs. I miss it sometimes. The upkeep just takes a huge toll on everything, though. Maybe one day we’ll own a lake house where you NEED WiFi to connect to the world so we will put our phones down more often. Or move back to larger property without the hobby farm this time. Thanks for this!

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  2. Ben says:

    Going off the grid right now in this day and age would be a tough thing to do, though many people do it. My wife and I have talked about how maybe we were born in the wrong era. We would both rather have been born in a time where you had to work to live, not work to make money to buy stuff to live. I think having a house, a farm, a garden and all that would be a better way of life. It would be more satisfying to wake up and instead of hitting the alarm clock and driving off to work, you just go outside and work for yourself. I know a life like that would be tough but it would be far more rewarding to me than to work for someone else to make them rich.

    As far as getting away from technology such as phones, tv and internet, I’d do that in a heartbeat. We feel that we need these things to live in today’s society, but we don’t need them to the extent we use them. I need a phone to have the comfort of knowing my wife and kids are okay when I’m away from them, but if I worked from home, I wouldn’t need it. Internet is a great tool but knowing all things at all times can be stressful. TV just tends to take up valuable time that I could spend with the family. We are used to all these things but if we never had them, we wouldn’t know we ever needed them.

    I’m a simple man and a simple life intrigues me. I’m okay not knowing what the latest fashion trends are or what the latest tweet the president sent out is. I’d much rather be out, tending to a farm or cutting down some trees to keep warm in the winter. Harvesting some crops and sharing with the community sounds better than watching celebrities dance on tv or finding out who the next top model is.


    • Michelle says:

      I don’t think I could ever completely go off the grid but like you said, the amount we use it is overkill. I have trouble with comparisons and then I feel over stimulated by all the info from others or in the media. I prefer to stick my head in the sand and not know! I had to get a procedure done recently and my husband decided to inform me that some woman got a liver problem from this procedure. Oh thanks! Anyway, the amount of info on the internet makes me crazy sometimes especially with health stuff.

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      • Ben says:

        My wife just had cortisone injections in both hands due to her carpal tunnel issues. She can’t do much as far as medicating while pregnant and surgery seems a bit much at this point. So she had the shots done today. And what does she do? She googles the side effects from the shots while in the waiting room to get the shots! Not exactly the best way to put your mind at ease before a procedure.

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