The thing I hate about summer

To complain about the one season that has sun in Minnesota just feels wrong, but I’m gonna do it.

Mosquitos. Ticks. Spiders.

I’ve been bitten. And I itch all over. And honestly, I want to punch mother nature.

I have about 20 bites just from being in my back yard. The spiders keeping making webs in our windows and I spray them down. Go paralyze your food in another corner. My house is off limits. Then the house flies!! I let go (yes, let go, not killed… See I’m not totally cruel) about 30 flies. Everywhere I look is bugs.

I wonder how many bites she got

While for the most part, I deal with it, there’s another part of me that hates it. Mostly the parts that itch and look like welts and prevent me from sleeping.

It’s been perfect hiking weather, but do you think I want ticks on me? Uh no. So I’ll wait until tick season is over.

The one remedy that works pretty well for itching is Peppermint oil. I use Edens Gardens essential oils and I buy Peppermint in huge bottles. It’s so good for so many things from cramps to aches and pains to itching. And I love the smell so I diffuse it. Wish I could diffuse it over my entire lawn and get rid of the bugs, but I’ll take temporary relief.

You know what’s the worst though? Getting a mosquito bite between your fingers! It’s awful. Like Chinese water torture. But at least the oil takes away the constant itch.

If I had to guess, I’d say mosquitos were the spawn of Satan.

But even with all that, it’s still better than our Minnesota winters.


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