Taking a Chance

I’ve been blogging over here at the free wordpress site for maybe a year. I actually haven’t kept track. Ok, I just looked and this blog has existed since April 2017, so yeah…well over a year.

I have had two other blogs I’ve tried to keep up, but after becoming overwhelmed, I gave up on them and left them for dead. This week, I decided to wipe it clean and use it for writing, just as I do this free blog. The only difference is, it’s hosted through wordpress.org instead of wordpress.com (and I have to pay for it…LOL).

I’m going to take a chance and hope people will still follow me over at the new blog, which you can find here: Michelle Buck. I think I’ll post excerpts here for awhile so people can find me. I’m still connected to WordPress so I believe you can still hit “follow” and “like” posts just like on this blog. And I can still use the reader to read those I follow.

Right now I only have 3 posts up. I might revise some of my older posts and post them over at the new blog. So if you want, please come follow me over there! I’ll still be commenting and liking posts on this platform and hopefully, it’s just as easy for you to do the same. (If not, let me know. I’m not as techy as I think sometimes).

Thanks for the last year of following me and my rants. I’m hoping the new site will be a place where I try to up my writing skills yet still be real as I’ve always tried to be.

If it ends up being a #fail, I guess I’ll just come back to the free site and save my money. But I’m hoping the new website will give me a bit more ease of use and still be able to keep my friends from this platform. If you visit, let me know what you like/don’t like. I’m still trying to make it user friendly.

Here’s two of my newer posts:





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