What’s so great about high school?

Who remembers classmates.com? You know, the website where you reconnect with your high school class and post pics of your current life?

Apparently 70 million people still use the website. They’ve morphed into more of a high school memorabilia site, with digital year books but you can still connect with your classmates if you sign up.

I had an account there a long time ago. But then I realized I didn’t really love high school and had no ambition to reconnect with most of the people I attended high school with. But I also only went to that school my senior year. So I only made a few friends.

With the creation of MySpace and then Facebook, classmates.com became an afterthought, at least for me.

I was recently in a counseling session when I brought up the fact that I don’t know many people who still hang out with their high school friends. My counselor, in an effort to change my mind, told me she still talked to her high school friends and so did her kids. I wasn’t talking about her. I was talking about people I knew. And most people I know don’t have a relationship with their high school pals. But, she’s in her 60’s so her kids are probably around my age. But it’s just different now.

We are raising the loneliest generation, where kids no longer hang out outside but sit on social media or their phones. They are disconnected and distant. They’d prefer to be a YouTube star over being popular at school. Places like classmates.com almost is laughable.

And it affects people my age as well. As I go through life, I change and become someone else. My friends change at times too. My social circle gets refined. Some people can’t deal with my changes. Sometimes I can’t deal with theirs. The ones that can, stick around but sometimes our get togethers are few and far between.

I’ve noticed something else too. When I’ve run into people from my past, they’ll say, “hey, we should meet up soon.” But then there is no firm plan. When I try to nail down a date, they say they’ll get back to me. Why offer in the first place if your intention is to never actually follow through? Maybe it’s just what people do to make themselves think highly of themselves. I don’t know. But I quit chasing people like that.

Sometimes high school seems like another lifetime ago. When my daughter feels like everything is so hard and that no one likes her, I remind her that high school is only a tiny portion of our lives.

Why do so many people want to relive it? Why do we want to attend reunions or join websites to know what our old class is doing? I know for some, they had good memories but just lost touch. For them, I suppose it’s a good thing to reconnect.

For people like me, it’s such a distant memory with so little to do with how I live now. My thoughts, my dreams, my friends, my crushes, my academics were all for a person that I no longer am. I’ve changed so drastically. Most wouldn’t recognize me from the wallflower, overly fearful girl that tried to make herself scarce. I survived those halls. Just barely.

Today, I am much more bold and carefree. I still have fears but I don’t let it ruin me. I don’t feel the need to fit in with people.

Times have changed and so have I.

Fun fact: There’s actually a movie made by some Christian company about a kid I graduated with. His name was Michael Boyum. I dated his girlfriends brother. In the movie, they have scenes for prom and the graduating class of 1995. Same year I graduated. It’s called “Until Forever” and it looks cheesy. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it because I knew Michael and he died of Lukemia. Also, I don’t care for my ex and I think he’s in the movie.

What about you? Do you still talk to your high school class?