Would You Write A Letter To A Fellow Blogger?

In today’s world of email, texting, and the interwebs, isn’t it fun to get real mail that is handwritten and adorned just for you? Here’s a challenge you might want to try. Oh and if you live in the US, leave me a comment and I will send you a personal hand lettered (brush lettered) note from yours truly 🙂

Fractured Faith Blog

Yesterday I posted about emojis and the death of the written word. It generated quite a dialogue and one of the themes that emerged was how much people miss receiving, and sending, letters. You know, in the post. Stamps? Envelopes? Am I ringing any bells here people? It brought back to me the excitement and anticipation of receiving mail from penpals. There is something in the care and attention of writing and posting a letter that cannot be replicated into today’s ‘junk food’ society of e-mail, text and social media messaging.

So today’s post is a challenge to you all. Whether or not you choose my metaphorical gauntlet throwing is entirely up to you. It’s a challenge to write a letter and post it to a fellow blogger. Or bloggers if you are feeling particularly inspired. It can be anything. A few lines or your life story. It can include…

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The Love of Writing

It’s been an interesting experiment–blogging. I’ve tried my hand at several blogs over the years. It always is a bit different. And blogging has changed. It used to be a place where everyone willingly entered the conversation after reading. Now most people are somewhat hesitant to leave comments. They fear they’ll be tracked down or they just don’t like being all that open with the internet. Some people only comment if you post it on Facebook.

I get it. I started a blog last year and it was mainly how-to’s and tutorials. I mean, who’s gonna get mad at someone trying to teach hand lettering or showing you how to up your graphic design skills? No one I know. So it was a safe venture in which I learned quite a bit. I’m thinking I need to drop it though. It’s just not me. I love art, hand lettering, and graphic design and will continue to use it in my Etsy shop, but I loathe all the self-promotions, blogging and social media rules, and wondering if I’m doing what the experts have told me to do.

I paid for another year of hosting like an idiot so now I have this art/creativity blog and I don’t want to keep using up all my energy on it. I’d actually like to start something that is more me. I don’t have to blog, but I feel like I need to write. Maybe it’s only for my sanity. Maybe I’m a narcissist who wants attention. I don’t know. I have always been a writer though and it feels foreign not to share ideas.

But sharing how-to’s is just not me. I’m a teacher by nature, but bore easily of niches like what I got going on at my other blog. Sure it’s informational, but is it something I want to talk about long-term? No.

So I was thinking about the blogs I do enjoy. Here are few themes I’ve run into:

  • spiritual abuse blog or blogs highlighting abuse (although I tend to not like negativity overload either and if that’s all the blog does, I get burned out)
  • introversion and HSP tips
  • mental health & relationship advice / tips
  • blogs on how to blog (LOL)
  • blogs on how to help kids with anxiety
  • blogs related to autism

I do also subscribe to the occasional brush lettering blogs, but honestly, they are all the same. Here’s some free crap, now pay for the good stuff. And that’s what my blog was turning into and didn’t promote excited feelings for another year of blogging there.

I like this blog, although it’s honestly a mish-mash of my random feelings about life. I guess I need to figure out what the point is. It’s fine to highlight problems, but it’s better if you have solutions. Or maybe it’s just better to relate to others in a real way. I don’t know. I’m confused by blogging. But I do enjoy the conversation part of blogging. For me, that’s the best part. I love to write, but I love it more when I can learn something from someone else that I hadn’t thought of before, such as the comments I get on this blog (which oddly enough has more comments to date than my other blog does and that blog is older. Go figure).

Having a blog you try to monetize or promote sucks the joy right out of writing. It becomes a job instead of a passion. So I’m not sure I’m cut out for it. I thought since I loved to write, I could try to also monetize it, but I’m finding that notion actually makes me hate coming up with content. Over here, I enjoy writing because no one tells me I broke some cardinal blogging sin. So maybe I’m just lazy, I guess.

What are your writing goals?